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P2 Mrs Black

Week 6: Pupil of the Week ⭐️

Enquiry-based Learning - Does sand and salt dissolve in water? We used our knowledge of the seaside to make predictions and carried out fair tests to see if we were right! 🧪

Week 5: Pupil of the Week ⭐️

05/10/21: We are learning to write the numbers 11 to 15.

01/10/21: Park Life

September: Be Respectful Award Winner ⭐️

September: Endeavour Award Winner ⭐️

28/09/21: Dave from Sustrans gave us a talk on Road Safety 🚦

Week 4: Pupil of the Week ⭐️

Week 3: Pupil of the Week ⭐️

Week 2: Pupil of the Week ⭐️

Week 1: Pupil of the Week ⭐️

P2 Parent Information Booklet

Welcome to Primary2 Mrs Black- You can contact me on


If your child will be absent please email me (or send me a message on Seesaw) before 8.50am. 


PE Uniform should be worn on Tuesday and Friday.