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Welcome from Mr J Richardson, Principal of Markethill Primary School




I would like to welcome you to Markethill Primary School’s website. This facility aims to promote to a wider audience, the vision, ethos and ideals of our school community and in particular to provide parents and prospective parents with information about the school and its activities.

Our vision is that the children in our school will succeed academically. In addition to this we want our school to be a place where learning is enjoyed and valued for its own sake and where children know how to take responsibility more and more for their own actions, including learning. We would like each pupil to have positive and happy memories of their time here.


For this vision to become a reality the ethos of the school has to be right. And for that to happen there must be a sense of purpose in our actions without austerity, a sense of welcome and warmth, without a loss of discipline. We seek to create an ethos that is characterised by a stimulating learning environment, by a caring and understanding attitude towards others and by an awareness that the lives of each of those who attend the school has enormous spiritual potential.