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18/05/12 - Monkeying Around at Belfast Zoo!

 Today we went to the zoo and our prayers were answered as it was dry and the sun even shone from time to time!  The children were much braver than the teachers during the educational talk touching and holding a hedgehog, stick insect, tree frog, leopard lizard and...A PYTHON!  Thanks to Jake and James who were very reliable tour guides - great skills in map reading boys!  Top marks to Katie McClure on the wealth of 'jungle animal knowledge' she has remembered!

Can you remember the answers to the following?  If so let me know and you can have 4 happy faces!
1.  How do we know that a spider is NOT an insect like the stick insect we got to hold?
2.  What does the leopard lizard do with its tail and why?
3.  What was the python using its tongue to do each time it stuck it out?
4.  Why is the tree frog able to climb trees?