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P4/5 Mrs Smyth/Mrs Irvine

Oxford Island 2018

World Book Day

Fun on our Egyptian Day

In class literacy we are learning all about play scripts. We had fun in class acting out "A Jumble for a Queen"

Karl from Ecomantella brought some of his animals into school so that we could examine them and learn about why they have become endangered in the wild. Some of us were happy to touch the animals. We saw a giant gecko, a peregrine falcon, a boa constrictor, a tarantula and a lizard.

We really enjoyed making skeletons of 3D shapes. We even got to eat a few marshmallows!

On Tuesday 10th October P4/5 carried out some science fieldwork in Gosford Forest Park.  It was related to their WAU topic - Our Changing World - Seasonal Changes.  They were given reference pages to identify trees and their seeds.  They had to use a decision tree diagram to find out the method of seed dispersal and measure the girth of the trees at a specific height in order to calculate the age of the trees.  The children worked in groups and as a special treat they had some time together in the outdoor play area at the end.   

Science Fieldtrip to Gosford Forest Park