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Latest on caterpillars - Monday 2nd May

Hi Kids.  Hope you are enjoying your time off school!  Thought I'd give you an update on our little friends.
By Saturday all caterpillars had cocooned.  Four had attached themselves to the paper disk under the lid of the cup but one lay at the bottom of the cup.  Very carefully I (with help from two boys)transferred the caterpillars from the cup to their hatching habitat (butterfly garden net). 

Apparently it could take our Painted Lady Butterflies 7-14 days to emerge from their cocoons so I'm hoping it won't happen until we're back at school next week - wouldn't want you guys to miss out on the excitement!
You will see from the photos that I have some water (sugared water) and an orange in the net in case any of the butterflies do emerge and want something to eat or drink.  I will also have to place fresh flowers and leaves at the bottom of the habitat  when the butterflies do emerge.
I am heading away for a few days at the end of the week but Phoebe and her Mum have kindly offered to caterpillar-sit. Thank you Phoebe!

I'll keep you updated on any more developments.
Enjoy the rest of your week, Mrs George