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Look at our super setting work! 

In literacy we have been writing stories with familiar settings. We used chalk and natural materials to draw our settings outside and then used our five senses to describe it! Brilliant work P4 📖

Pasta Punctuation! 🍝

In our grammar lessons, we have been looking at speech marks and where they go. We used pasta to show where our speech marks would be in our own speech sentences. 

Pasta Punctuation! Yummy! 🍝✏️

WAU - Night and Day 


In World Around Us we have been looking at the topic of night and day. Most recently, we have been learning about circuits. After reading “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark”, we decided to help Plop feel happier at night time by creating a light for him with batteries, wires, lightbulbs and switches. P4 is full of future scientists and engineers! 💡🥼

Creating a light for Plop the Owl