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Seaford Butterfly Farm and Gardens

Friday 3rd June 2016: What beautiful weather - we couldn't have asked for any better!  Room 1 had a fantastic trip to Seaford Butterfly Farm and Gardens.  On arrival we had a snack in the picnic area. There we were met by some peacocks and peahens who were looking to eat our leftovers.  Next we went into the butterfly house to see the tropical butterflies.  It was very hot inside but just amazing to see the colourful butterflies.  Then we went into the next house to see some birds, fish and turtles.  The final house had lots of different insects - thankfully in enclosed tanks! On exiting the houses, we headed for the gardens which were just spectacular.   There we found the maze and, as you can imagine, the children couldn't wait to get inside! Mrs George and Mrs Wilson were extremely nervous about losing children inside so it was decided we would all navigate our way round it together.  After a considerable amount of time, we found our way to the centre - the children were so excited.  Next was the task of finding our way out but thanks to James and Wyll, they led the way and got us safely back out - thanks guys!  Then it was time for lunch back at the picnic area.  Following this, the children had an hour or so in the play park with their friends which was most enjoyable especially with the beautiful weather.  Can I say a huge thank you to all the children for  being soooo good - it was a pleasure taking them away on a trip.  Enjoy looking at our snaps!