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An Autumn walk

On the 19th of September we were greeted to a beautiful morning; the day the Infant classes entered Gosford Forest Park for an Autumnal walk.
Room 5 focussed on their senses of sight, touch and hearing. It was a day of glorious discovery. Everywhere we looked there was evidence of Gods' handiwork from the tiniest spider spinning its web to the tall monkey puzzle trees stretching to the sky. We were amazed at all we saw. There were seeds galore. "Parachute"(sycamore) seeds, rosehips, conkers and acorns were there for those seeking.
Leaves of all size and shape were there to view. The rough bark of trees to the soft saw dust sprinkled on the ground were felt by the children. We heard the quacks of the ducks and the cooing of the pigeons. Children searched for animal homes at the feet of the trees. 
We returned to school with rosy cheeks and a sense of peace. A great day out!