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Titanic Week - Exploring Floating & Sinking

Can we design a boat to carry the heaviest cargo? That is what room 11 set out to discover during Titanic week. First of all we refreshed our memories of water activity play by looking at various objects and deciding if they would float or sink. Would the tennis ball sink to the bottom or bob merrily on the surface? Some of us thought it would sink because of its weight while others thought because it was hollow inside it would float. What do you think? It floated because of the air inside it. But would the blu tac also float or swim? What about an orange or a lemon? 
After this activity we had 15 minutes to design a boat that we thought would support the most weight while floating on the water. We had to pick between 3 types of paper but we were only allowed one sheet [a certain advert comes to mind] of each type. We could use the sheets to make 3 different models of boat and then pick which one we were actually going to use or just put all our hopes [or dice] in one. We could test out our designs before we had to make our final choice.
Finally came the big weigh in. Whose boat would support the most weight before it sunk below the surface of the water? How many large dice would it carry? 
Look at our photographs to find out.