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Science Club is available for Primary 4 pupils and lasts for a period of 6 weeks.  

During this time, Mrs Black transforms each child, by a scientific phenomenon, into a "CREST Star Investigator" allowing him/her to work towards the completion of a 'Star Award' (Gold, Silver or Bronze).  

Star Award activities provide opportunities for children to think about scientific problems which are relevant to their everyday lives, talk about scientific problems with one or more partners, work with a partner or small group to solve simple science-based problems, with support where necessary and share what they did and what they found out in simple ways that do not necessarily require writing.  Some investigations undertaken include  'Brilliant Bubbles', Rainbow Colour Collectors' and 'Sniffly Sneezes'.   

Science Club is great! We get to do experiments like Music Maker, Muddy Mess, Animal Adventure and lots more. We have a story every week with Cosmic, Gem, Aunt Stella and Uncle Astro.