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P1 - Mrs George

My First Day at School

Heinemann Active Maths - working with numbers 1 and 2

Gymnastics Fun

Alex and Connie Home Safety Puppet Show

Hallowe'en Fun

Making Patterns

Learning about long and short: we cut paper into long and short pieces. Just look at the concentration on our faces!

Making sets of 6

We practiced writing our numbers in shaving foam, we had lots of fun!

Sorting for one criteria

Writing number 7 in shaving foam - we love when learning is fun and messy!

We learnt how to write a number 8 using a rhyme - "do a 's' and do not wait, go back up and close the gate".

Making CVC Words

We went on a shape hunt around the school to find circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. Look at all the shapes we found!

Cupid came to visit P1 on Valentines Day!

We made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday: they were yummy!

Living Things Play-Based Learning

Shared Education Fun with St. Patricks Primary

P1 enjoyed their Spring walk to Gosford, we even had time to visit the park!

We had lots of fun at Fort Evergreen with our new friends from Crossmaglen!

We had lots of fun at our Easter Bunanza!