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On 19th April, we said ‘goodbye’ to Eliza who is moving school. We will miss you, Eliza. Have fun at your new school.

Our two week old caterpillars

Our one week old caterpillars - look how they have grown!

Planting lettuce seeds in the polytunnel

‘Heavy’ and ‘Light’ practical work

11/04/24 A great trip to Hunter’s supermarket this morning where we did some shopping and paid for our goods. Debbie let us all have a turn at scanning goods at the checkout. Sincere thanks to all the team at Hunter’s for being so patient with us and especially to Martha’s Dad, Chris, who kindly provided the children with ice-cream.

Stephen, our postman made a very special delivery to our classroom today. We now have five, very hungry little caterpillars to care for...exciting days ahead!