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21/02/12 - Room 3's Little Chefs - Pancake Tuesday

The 'ay' sound challenge!

Here goes...

Today was a great day.  Not only did it not rain but it was 'Pancake Tuesday'.  After play we got an instruction card each.  We read the cards together to find out what job we had to do.  Now we were ready to make some delicious pancakes... BUT...silly Mrs Warburton forgot to take the eggs out of her cupboard!  So she gave Mrs Wilson some money to buy some.  Mrs Wilson went away to Hunters and paid for the eggs.  When she came back she stayed to help us.  We made and ate the most yummy pancakes!  Jake said, 'HURRAY! These are the scrummiest pancakes I have ever made...AND tasted!'  'They taste just the same as my great Grandma's pancakes',   said James.