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Our World Quiz

One of our reading groups read the ‘World’s Ultimate Quiz Book’ and decided to make up their own table quiz based on the book. The rest of the class, in house groups, enjoyed trying to answer them. In the end Oak was triumphant getting 8 out of 13 correct. Can you beat them? No cheating but the answers are provided at the end.
Our Table Quiz
North America
1 How many Eiffel towers can you fit in the Grand Canyon?   3    5 or 7
2. What kind of transport is Cape Canaveral in Florida famous for?
South America
3. The driest desert in the world is called the Atacama Desert. In which South American country will you find the Atacama?
4. In which ocean is the longest range of mountains in the world?
5. Where would you find the Land of the Midnight Sun?
6. In which city do you need to walk over bridges or travel by boat to get to where you are going?
7. What is the name of the longest river in the world?
8. What word beginning with P describes lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas?
9. The world’s deepest lake is called Lake Baikal. In which Asian country would you find it?
10. Where is the longest wall in the world found?
11. A large rock in Australia is called Uluru. What colour is it?
12. What is a geyser?
13. Antarctica is the world’s largest continent, desert or ocean?
1. 5 2. space rockets 3. Chile 4. Atlantic 5. Lapland/Arctic 6. Venice 7. Nile 8. predators 9. Russia 10. China 11. red 12. a spout of hot water from under the ground 13. desert