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Today we enjoyed our last day before the half term break. We completed a Pumpkin Challenge with our friends, searching for pumpkins with clues around school to solve the 'Secret Message'. We all worked so well together and solved the message and really enjoyed the yummy treat!! Everyone in P4 has worked extremely hard this term and we hope everyone has a lovely half term break. Well done, P4!!





Outdoor ICT and WAU 


We have been learning about the planets in our solar system. We are learning the rhyme to help us remember their order from the sun. Yesterday, we took learning outside and worked together with our friends to draw the solar system using chalk on the playground. We then used our ICT skills to take pictures of our masterpieces and uploaded them to Just2Easy to create a Solar System Factfile. They were absolutely brilliant!! Well done, P4!! 



Outdoor Measure Challenge 


P4 were set a very important Outdoor Measure Challenge. With our friends, we used a range of standard and non-standard apparatus to measure a variety of objects in our playground. We had so much fun measuring the objects especially using the trundle wheels to measure the length of the playground. Have a look at some of the amazing things we were doing!! 



World Mental Health Day ❤️🧠🌍


Today in school, we celebrated World Mental Health Day with our friends. We enjoyed circle time outside and a very special treat…that everyone in P4 really enjoyed!! 




Amazing Electricians!! 


Today, P4 stepped into the shoes of an electrician and worked together to create a range of circuits. Our mission was to use a range of electrical equipment to create a circuit with our friends to make the light bulb light up for Plop the Owl. We worked together and successfully completed the mission. Well done, P4!! 





Ball Skills 


In P.E we have been developing our ball skills. We are learning about the different types of passes. We have been working on the bounce, shoulder and overhead pass. We are doing a great job with our technique and accuracy!! 




Night and Day ABL 


We are really enjoying our topic, Night and Day, and in particular our Activity Based Learning sessions. During ABL we have been exploring and creating our own Shadows, creating Owl fact files, completing Owl character craft and playing some Night and Day related games. P4 are enjoying working with their friends to discover new things and problem solve. Check out some of the amazing things we have been doing!!