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School Values

In Markethill Primary School, we strive to promote excellence in child centred education in a safe, inclusive, nurturing and stimulating environment where the dignity of all is valued and where everyone can aspire, aim, achieve and experience success.


In Markethill Primary School we:

  • encourage the development of each pupil physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, morally and culturally. 
  • are committed to ensuring that pupils experience a happy and deep learning journey, one that will promote the idea of lifelong learners.   
  • will promote a rich, inclusive and welcoming learning community.  This school community will be committed to offering a safe, secure, caring, positive and challenging working environment in which every individual feels valued, respected, supported and happy. 
  • ensure that the safety, welfare and development of everyone in our school is of paramount importance. 
  • strive to provide an ethos in which fairness, tolerance, compassion and forgiveness permeate all relationships within the school. 
  • foster and encourage caring attitudes and values: self-respect, self-discipline, commitment, confidence, courtesy, good manners, a spirit of tolerance and respect for others.  We believe that these are attributes that will serve the children in MPS well as they progress through school and beyond. 
  • aim to prepare children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.  We want to cultivate our good citizens of the future, with a responsibility and a desire to contribute to the local and wider community.  

Within Markethill Primary School, the pastoral care structures are based on a shared understanding of what it means to be a safe, caring and respectful school.  This shared understanding appreciates that:

  • each person is unique and worthy of respect;
  • the school is proactive in its approach to pastoral care and recognises that it is for the entire school community and not just for those experiencing difficulties;
  • pastoral care permeates the life of the school and everyone has responsibility for this;
  • pastoral care is not imposed but is a nurturing response to discerned need;
  • the school can receive support and expertise from statutory and voluntary bodies in the community; and,
  • appropriate resources, policies, procedures and training are provided to ensure the effective implementation of the pastoral care programme.


In Markethill Primary School we place a strong emphasis on promoting good attitudes.  Every month we focus on a particular value in class.  At the end of the month we have a Celebration Assembly based on the monthly value.  Each class has the opportunity to lead this assembly.  Our monthly values are:

  • Be Respectful (September)

  • Be Helpful (October)

  • Be a Good Friend (November)

  • Be a Good Listener (December)

  • Be Enthusiastic (January)

  • Be Loving (February)

  • Be Cheerful (March)

  • Be Honest (April)

  • Be Well Mannered (May)

  • Be a Good Sport (June)