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At Markethill Primary School we aim to provide a broad and  balanced curriculum which endeavours to promote the intellectual, spiritual, physical, cultural and social development of each child within a caring environment. 

Teachers plan carefully to ensure continuity, progression, challenge, pace and enjoyment.  We place an emphasis on the core areas of learning such as: 

  • Language and Literacy (Talking and Listening, Reading, Writing)

  • Mathematics and Numeracy 

  • The Arts (Art and Design, Music, Drama)

  • The World Around Us (Science, Geography, History)

  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

  • Physical Development and Movement

  • Using Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Teaching staff are involved in continuous curricular review. Our senior leadership team ensure that the school schemes of work remain in line with the requirements of the Revised Curriculum.  The revisions to the curriculum aim to retain the best of current practice while seeking to give greater emphasis on skills, children's Personal Development and Mutual Understanding and the development of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.



At Markethill we view the teaching of Language and Literacy in a holistic way, taking account of the integral nature of the areas of Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing which extend across all areas of the curriculum.  Children's language is central to their ability to communicate in relationships and learning, to understand ideas and to order, explore and refine their thoughts.  Children will be given the opportunity to listen and respond appropriately and effectively to a range of stimuli including multi-media.




Mathematics is an essential life skill used in virtually every aspect of work.  At Markethill, we aim to develop a love for the subject.  Our pupils engage in a wide variety of practical experiences and activities encompassing all areas of mathematics including measurement, shape and space, data handling and number.  A major emphasis is also placed ont he development of mental skill and problem solving to help our pupils become confident mathematicians.




All children enjoy a wide range of ICT experiences.  A state of the art ICT suite with 30 computers, classrooms equipped with Interactive Whiteboards and multimedia centres, laptops and over 60 iPads provides the pupils with outstanding IT facilities.  Emphasis is placed on the development of the 5 Es which are the statutory requirements for using ICT across the curriculum - Explore, Express, Exchange, Evaluate and Exhibit.


The World Around US


In line with the NI curriculum, children study History, Geography and Science through themes and topics which focus on "Connected Learning".  Our "World Around Us" topics focus particularly on developing children's interests in their world through a questioning and research based approach.  The purpose of learning about the World around Us provides opportunities for children to develop:

  • an awareness of themselves and their place in the world, as well as of other places, cultures and the environment

  • an appreciation of the beauty and wonder of the world

  • an awareness of Information and Communication Technology and its impact on society and the world around them.


The Arts


We encourage creativity to be developed through every area of the curriculum.  Children are provided with rich oppotunities to engage in Music, Drama, Art and Design which allows them to express their ideas, feelings and interpretations of the world and various cultures in diverse ways, through pictures, sound, drama and dance.


Physical Education


A broadly balanced programme of Physical Education is provided enabling the pupils to participate and perform competently and confidently in a range of physical activities thus improving their health and well-being.  Our aim is for all children to experience a sense of fun, enjoyment and achievement through a vareity of progressively challenging and innovative activities.


Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU)

Our PDMU programme encourages children to become confident, independent and responsible citizens who are able to make informed and responsible decisions. 

At Markethill Primary we try to encourage good eating habits.  Children can purchase a healthy break at break time.  We encourage  the children to drink water regularly throughout the day.


Religious Education

The school provides Religious Education in line with the Northern Ireland Core Syllabus which is Christian and non-demoninational.  School assemblies reflect the school's Christian Ethos.

We have assembly twice a week. Assembly in MPS consists of a collective act of worship and a talk by the principal, a visiting minister or a member of staff.  On the last Wednesday of each month we have our Celebration Assembly which focuses on our monthly value.  Each class has the opportunity to lead this assembly once a year.  We are delighted to welcome our local ministers into the school to assist us with our assemblies. 


Our school welcomes all pupils irrespective of belief.  Parents who wish, may withdraw their child from any aspect of Religious Education or worship.  If this is the case, contact should be made with the Principal or the class teacher.