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Markethill - A Walk Into The Past

On Friday 5th May we went on a history trail around Markethill.  We wanted to find out how long some of the oldest buildings had been there and what they were originally built for.  We were also on the look out for some interesting architectural features.  

Our tour:
1.  Markethill Presbyterian Church - Rev David Irvine and Mr Edwin McWilliams filled us in on the history of the church and let us have a look around.
2.  Alexander's Shop - Mr Richard Alexander took us on a journey back to the 1800s when the market house sold flax.  He showed us lots of photographs and talked to us about how it has changed over the years to become the very modern shop it is today.
3.  The Old Courthouse - court was in session.  Some very 'hardened criminals' were tried by Judge Sandhurst (aka Mr Qua) and sentenced to a cold night in the cells!!!  Mr McWilliams told us about his experiences of being tried in the court for having no tail light on his bicycle - shocking!!!
4.  The Old Barn - we discovered how the restaurant got its name.  In 1876 Joseph Mallagh used the premises, partly for a grocery business and partly as a store for grass seed.  We looked at the pulley which was used to move the grass seed between each storey of the building.

A big thank you goes to all those who gave of their time and helped to make our day both informative and great fun!!