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P1 Mrs Sullivan

Class trip to Clementsmount Fun Farm - What a great experience!
Measure - comparing long/short and tall/short natural resources
An introduction to simple addition!
Copying, completing and creating patterns.
Friday Fun on the gym equipment!
We love to play in P1!
House Sports Events (Friday 4th May 2018)

Tadpoles in P1RD

A big thank you to Tyler's mum Stephanie for bringing in some frogspawn and tadpoles to our classroom. 

Crazy Hair & Silly Sock Day

The Little Red Hen

After reading the story of The Little Red Hen, we got together in groups and created story strips recalling the main events.  While doing this we worked together to cut, colour and sequence the pictures in the correct order.  After, each group then read the story back to the rest of the class.  Excellent team work from all in P1 :)

Exploring some musical instruments!

Making Butter

As part of our farm topic we decided to make butter.  This took a lot of effort as we had to shake the cream until it turned into a solid.  We loved observing and investigating the changes.  Then we got to spread the butter over some wheaten bread.  It was very tasty!

A beautiful Spring walk in Gosford...
NSPCC Workout

What an 'Egg-Cellent' last day of term! 

A huge thank you to the HUB for organising the Easter egg hunt, finished off by some dancing in class - we had lots of fun :)

Making 'ch' words with a partner!

Play Based Learning! (On The Farm)

We have been making farm animals and Easter eggs, exploring 'gloop', moulding play-dough and buying and selling at our Farm Shop.

RE - Palm Sunday

We acted out the scene of Jesus entering Jerusalem.  We used our jumpers as the garments and palm leaves the people used to make a path for Jesus. The children shouted "Hosanna!". This was lots of fun!

PDMU - Becoming familiar with our sense of taste!

For this lesson the boys and girls looked at each others tongue to see if they could spot the tiny bumps called taste buds.  After, we tried a selection of fruit and veg that included: carrot sticks, apple slices, cucumber and kiwi.  Everyone rated each piece of food with a thumbs up or thumbs down.  It was clear the cucumber was our least favourite!!

World Book Day 2018 - what a great effort from all!
Our new topic for March and April is On The Farm. 
Introducing the number 9...
Some 2D shape fun!
Snow Day! (28/02/18)

This was great fun! We loved how cold it was on our hands and watching it melt!

Play Based Learning in February

The messier the better! :)

When Mrs Lowry came to visit P1 :)
Numeracy in February!

Look at our cool classroom washing line...everyone helped order the numbers!

We had to find the numbers hidden around the classroom then put them in order and identify what numbers were missing.

We loved using the number fans to identify missing numbers. Drawing the outline of some 2D shapes was fun too!


This week we have began looking at the number 8. It can be a tricky one to make!


CVC building and making the uppercase O!

For PDMU we were testing our listening skills by being blindfolded and listening out for the noise of the keys being passed around the circle.  This was a lot of fun! (26/01/18)
Our new topic is People Who Help Us.  We are currently focusing on going to the dentist!

We made new playdough with Miss Hawthorne. Then we decided we could put it between building blocks and use dental floss to remove it. It reminded us that somtimes food can get stuck between our teeth and it's important to clean them daily. This was lots of fun!

Numeracy - We have been learning to form the numeral 7 and count within it!

We love getting messy with the shaving foam!

We used iPads to build some new CVC words and had a little treat of choosing our own game afterwards.

We've been working hard on numerals to 6!

Miss Hawthorne helps us to make the best play dough!

We enjoyed a visit from this big sister! She read us lovely poems!

The Amazing Journey

Anti-bullying week

We had fun printing with apples!