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Somme Heritage Centre

Our class visited the Somme Heritage Centre in Newtownards.  Our guide Matthew gave us a weapons talk and then showed us around the displays.  We went down a time tunnel which brought us back to prewar where we learned about Home Rule, recruitment and the important role of women before heading 'across to France' to the dugouts and the Trench Experience.
Picture 1 Going to be a soldier
Picture 2 An allied hand grenade aka a pineapple
Picture 3 The allied helmet kept soldiers safe.
Picture 4 In the trenches
Picture 5 Sounding the air raid signal at the front line
Picture 6 Joining the Army
Picture 7 The new recruit gets kitted out!!
Picture 8 Room 8 have their machine gun at the ready
Picture 9 In the trenches
Picture 10 Vickers machine gun
Picture 11 Matthew shows us the Enfiled Rifle
Picture 12 Keeping safe under the tin helmet
Picture 13 Taking aim.
Picture 14 keep your heads low!!
Picture 15 New recruiting officer and soldier
Picture 16 Front line hospital
Picture 17 German hand grenade-the Cricket ball